The "SideWayz" Story


"SideWayz" is the first "Black Film" written, filmed, and premiered in Rockford, IL at the Nordlof Theatre by "POOTS4PREZ" who is an artist currently evolving from the bottom of life's circumstances in which the title "Sidewayz" was created and formed from. "SideWayz" is a film that tells a tale about urban life in an inner city. The film is a song that appears on the "Sidewayz The Soundtrack" from "POOTS4PREZ". The film was produced as a positive outlet for youth to use their creativity and energy to keep them out of the streets and negativity surrounding the city as they utilize the knowledge obtained from the film that will help them endure life's good or bad experiences; cultivating them to make better decisions. It is a story of sheer human grit that should be seen by others no matter the diversity as an example and inspiration according to what we go through in today's society. "Sidewayz" is absolutely gripping. A sort of suspense short film of the human psyche. Its moral is one which we all face on a daily basis when things go wrong or "Sidewayz" in our lives. 




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